Welcome From DG Nathan

2018-2019 District Governor Nathan Medlin

2018-2019 District Governor Nathan Medlin

people -people-people Here I am the new District S Governor 2018-2019 So happy to have this JOB.

My slogan for this year is “SO ALL CAN SEE”  our past district Governor was the 100th Governor for the lions BUT I will be the 1st district governor for the next 100 years.
I am looking forward to visiting all the clubs you know what is close to me is camp dogwood and the V.I.P.fishing tournament I love to watch all the vip having a good time visiting friends they have not talked to sense last year and if you have never seen a person that cannot see catch a fish it is a great sight.
So lets start off this year getting new members doing good work for our community and helping the vip of North Carolina
LION Nathan Medlin

Welcome Lions!

Steve McLaurin

District Governor, Steve McLaurin

Greetings Lions of District 31S! The New Lions Year has begun after celebrating our 100th year of Lions Club International in Chicago.  We will be celebrating this birthday throughout this calendar year. It is extremely gratifying to serve as a Lion and know the impact of our collective 100 years of service as we continue to provide service.

“Moving Forward” is my theme for the 2017‐2018 Lions year. District 31‐S is poised to move forward in providing service projects in our communities. One of my goals as District Governor is for each club in the district to initiate at least one NEW (you certainly can do more) service project in your community. There are community needs you can fulfill through service. It is imperative that we demonstrate through service our motto of  “Where there is a need, there is a Lion.”  We Serve!

A second goal for the year is for each club to increase net membership by 10 percent by year’s end. I believe that the service project or projects you initiate are great opportunities to invite friends and acquaintances to join in. This will provide the opportunity for them to “catch the fever” of gratification gained through helping those in need. We can all increase net membership by 10 percent if we focus on this effort.

The Charter Night for the newly formed Wake Southwest Centennial Lions Club was delightful to attend. This club began with 46 members – a stunning achievement accomplished by dedicated Lions seeking to provide service in Holly Springs, NC and for the enthusiasm and statewide efforts of Lions. This club used social media to recruit members and it worked. We can all learn from this experience.

Throughout the year, I urge each of you to get in the habit of submitting your projects in service and fundraising ideas
(two entirely different efforts) by sending them to News@NCLions31S.org.

The District 31‐S 2017‐2018 Directory will be distributed the week of August 1st. Copies will be given to participating clubs at the District 31‐S Brighter Visions Kick‐off on August 5, 2017 in Williamston, hosted by the Williamston Lions Club.

District 31‐S is the most dynamic district in the state. We are home to the newest Lions International Director, PDG Lion Gwen A. White. We host the annual VIP Fishing Tournament on the Outer Banks. And we possess the best assembly of Lions in the State of North Carolina!

Visiting each club in the district is among my goals. This is a shared goal with First Vice‐District Governor Lion Nathan Medlin (Warrenton Lions Club) and and Second Vice‐District Governor Lion Mark Bateman (Lake Gaston Lions Club).  Lion Mark will also be serving as the District Brighter Visions Chair.

We have dedicated Lions serving as Region Chairs, Zone Chairs, and Commitee Chairs. We serve best when we start with our own communities as we work to ultimately serve all communities in North Carolina. North Carolina Lions, Inc. offers many services and forms of assistance for the citizens of NC. To this end, please plan on supporting NCLI by selling Camp Dogwood raffle tickets and contributing to the Brighter Visions Annual Fund Drive.

Please join me in kicking‐off a new year of service in our communities. Invite someone to become a Lion. Spread the word about all of the good that we do.
There is strength in numbers. It is great to be a Lion!


Centennial Celebration Information

Please find attached the latest edition of the Come Celebrate Chicago 2017. There is some new information in regards to extra activities that have been added to the program by the Host Committee. If you would like please pass it on to others in your District and State. The Lions of Illinois are looking forward to the Lions of the World coming to Chicago.
I have also attached a flyer talking about sponsoring a Street Banner in Chicago during the convention. These banners are to be hung throughout the Chicago Loop area. They will especially hung along the Parade Route, McCormick Place and the airports. After the convention, that banner will be returned to the sponsor as well as a small replica will be available for pick up at the Information Booth during the convention.
We also, have the ability to send the Street banner directly to you to be hung in your community. The standard size is 33″ x 99″, but we can size them as per your community specs. This is a way that the celebration can take place in your local community. If you have any questions, please contact District Governor Barbara. Again thank you for your support.

Welcome to District 31-S

Barbara Beltran

District Governor Barbara Beltran

Welcome to another super year for District 31 S! My motto is “Believe in Service”. There can be miracles, when you believe you can achieve. Our clubs have achieved so much over the years to make their communities and our world a better place!

As we celebrate 100 years of Lions service, we honor the past, embrace our present, and plan for the future. As International President Bob Corlew says, we have new mountains to climb. No mountain is ever too high. People are depending on us.

We continue making our communities better places as our clubs engage in conducting service projects in a variety of areas, such as Youth, Vision, Hunger, and the Environment.

Through North Carolina Lions Inc. we conduct an annual Brighter Visions Fund Drive. Monies raised help supply white canes, support Camp Dogwood for VIPs (Visually Impaired Persons), the VIP Fishing Tournament, scholarships, recycling, providing eye glasses, supporting a Mobile Screening Unit to screen for visual and hearing problems, and help fund clinical eye research, to name a few.

We also have great opportunities to share fun and fellowship with other Lions, and to learn more about the many things we do, including a Mid-Winter Convention in January and a State Convention in April. In 2017, we are having a special International Centennial Convention scheduled for June 30-July 4th in Chicago, where we will be celebrating our 100th Birthday!! This will mark 100 years of service for Lions Clubs International!

We do have new challenges to meet, new goals to achieve, new people to serve, new mountains to climb. We can and will meet these challenges! Our symbol represents HOPE, HELP, COMMUNITY! We are a hand that reaches out, a smile for those who have no smile, and a light for those who live in darkness.

Together, through our service to others, we achieve miracles, and make our world a brighter place!

Lion Barbara Beltran,
Governor 31 S

Welcome to the new District 31-S

MaryBoehmSittingWelcome to the new District 31-S, the super district. After so much work and planning by so many to bring S to fruition, I am excited to be your new Governor.

My motto is “Serving others with pride,” and I am proud of all the clubs in District S for all of the hard work you have done over the years to help keep the clubs solvent and active. Though the district is young, for almost 100 years the Lions of North Carolina have made a difference in the lives of thousands of visual- and hearing-impaired North Carolinians while also being a positive force for good in the communities we serve.

I am looking forward to a great year. I want us to mesh together in this marriage of the two districts and do great things this coming year. With all of us working together, we can make District S shine above all the rest.

We will have a membership drive during the month of September. I believe we can grow from inside our clubs so I encourage each Lion to ask someone to a Lions meeting. Just think, if all of the Lions in our district introduce others to Lionism we will have advertised our “product,” the good we do and fun we have, for one month.

Let’s all give it our best shot and see what will happen during the month of September. Let’s also bring back the enthusiasm that we have once known in our clubs. Let us work to have lively, informative meetings and great Brighter Vision campaigns. Please greet everyone with enthusiasm when they enter the club meeting. It doesn’t matter how long a Lion has been a member, we all want to feel important and that we are a part of a family.

I’m looking forward to having a year of eats, meets, and greets. Let’s have fun in what we do, no matter how big or small. We are Lions and we serve with pride!

— Mary Boehm