Boys and Girls Home

Liaison between District, local clubs and the Boys and Girls Home.  Member of the MD-31 Boys and Girls Home Committee.

Wayne Faber, PDG, Apex Lions Club
Garry Elliott, Seaboard Lions Club

Brighter Visions

Liaison between District, local clubs and the North Carolina Lions, Inc., to educate fellow Lions on the importance of the Brighter Visions program, which supports Camp Dogwood VIP campers, provides canes and rehabilitation services, educational grants/matching funds for eye exams and glasses.  Promotes NC Lions, Inc. fundraising through by educating local clubs and the general public to promote the use of Memorials and Honorariums through all means available such as newsletters and press releases.  Member of the North Carolina Lions, Inc. Brighter Visions Committee.

Steven McLaurin, Raleigh Host Lions Club
Joanne Parrott, Davie Lions Club

Budget & Finance

Liaison between the North Carolina Lions, Inc., district, and local clubs.  Assists with the preparation of the budgets for MD-31 and NCLI.

Jim Irvin, PDG, Cary Lions Club


Reviews each club’s bulletin for information and creativity.  Each member of the committee should receive a copy of each club’s bulletin.

Ella Flora, Rocky Mount Evening Lions Club

Camp Dogwood

Liaison between District, local clubs and Camp Dogwood to promote fundraising for the maintenance of Camp Dogwood.

Nathan Medlin, Warrenton Lions Club

Campus Clubs

Provides assistance and information about formation of college campus clubs.

Hunt Thomas/Mike Twigg, Manteo Lions Club

Celebrate Liberty

Liaison between District, local clubs and State Council Committee. Educates young people in our schools and encourages clubs to promote programs in schools about our heritage and ways to preserve our freedom and democracy.  Member of MD-31 Celebrate Liberty Committee.

Harriett Walton, First Flight Lions Club

Clinical Eye Research

Responsible for overseeing the eye research projects that have not been voted on and approved by the Lions of North Carolina.  Coordinates fund raising projects for eye research.  Encourages the continued support of eye research through programs and education.  Member of the NCLI Clinical Eye Research Committee.

Sherman Leathers, PDG, Raleigh Southeast LC


Researches the need for changes in District and Club Constitution and Bylaws and recommends proposed changes.  Member of the State and Multiple District Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

Charles Holleman, PDG, Rocky Mount Evening LC
Andy Lilliston, PDG, Fuquay-Varina Lions Club
David Edwards, PDG, Wilson Evening Lions Club

Diabetes Awareness

Promotes awareness of diabetes dangers and helps clubs to implement prevention and detection programs.  Member of the MD-31 Diabetes Awareness Committee.

Jan Holleman, Rocky Mount Evening LC

District 31-S Convention

Liaison to the District and local clubs.  Plans for the Mid-Winter Convention.

Herb Justice, PDG, North Raleigh Lions Club
Harriett Walton, First Flight Lions Club

District 31-S History

Liaison to Clubs from the MD31 History Committee to encourage the preservation and creation of historical documents relevant to Lions and Lions clubs in NC.

Gwen White, PDG, First Flight/Columbia LC

District 31-S Newsletter

Provides and edits information on a monthly basis of the events occurring in District 31-S.  The information is from local and District Lions Clubs and includes State and International events.

Paranita Carpenter, First Flight Lions Club


Member of NCLI committee to promote Jack Stickley fellowships, William L. Woolard Partners in Service, and Sid Scruggs Lighthouse Fellows Endowments to the Lions Clubs of District 31-S.

Barbara Beltran, 1st VDG, North Raleigh Lions Club

GLT MD-31 Coordinator

Liaison between District, local Clubs, State Council Committees, and Lions International.  Conducts leadership training workshops, and assists in leadership development.

Glenn Day, Wake Forest Lions Club

GMT MD-31 Coordinator

Liaison between District, local clubs, State Council Committee, and Lions International.  Conducts membership drives and assists clubs and the district with their extension and retention programs.

Ed Burt, III, Cary Lions Club

Information & Technology

Promotes Internet usage.  Assists clubs with web pages, informs clubs on how to connect to district, state, and international internet sites.  Manages the district webpage:

John Lynde, Apex Lions Club

Lions Clubs International Foundation Coordinator

Liaison between District, Local Clubs, and Lions Clubs International Foundation.  Promotes the Melvin Jones Fellowship Awards and LCIF activities.  Member of the MD LCIF Committee.

Leon Morris, Lake Gaston Lions Club

Leader Dog

Promotes involvement with guide dog programs among clubs.

Stanley Miller, Nashville Lions Club


Liaison between district, local clubs, MD-31, and Lions International to promote International and promote and assist with formation and administration of local Leo clubs at middle schools, high schools, and other sponsoring organizations within the district.

Randy/Darlynn Oxendine, Henderson Lions Club

Lions Alert

Liaison between Lions Clubs and local and state disaster response and relief organizations.  Coordinate the design and implementation of disaster response plans by Lions Clubs in NC.

Bob Walton, PDG, Wanchese/First Flight LC


Receive applications from Lions expressing their desire to enter elections for Vice District Governor, District Governor, and District Representative on the North Carolina Lions Inc. Board of Directors.  Review their qualifications as required by Lions International or the NCLI Constitution and Bylaws.

Harriett Walton

Peace Poster/Environmental Photo Contests

Encourage and work with local schools, the District and local clubs to promote participation in the Peace Poster Contest with Intermediate School Students.  Encourage Lions to participate in the Environmental Photo Contest sponsored by LCI. Submit winners to District Governor for transmittal to MD contests.

Adrianne Makowski, First Flight Lions Club


Member of NCLI Promotions Committee.  Liaison between District, local clubs, and the State Promotion Committee; promote attendance at and provide information on State and International Conventions.

Jana Peedin, PDG, Manteo Lions Club
Ron Beltran, PDG, North Raleigh Lions Club


Liaison between District, Local Clubs, and NCLI to preserve the Properties held by NC Lions, Inc and Lions Clubs in North Carolina.

Luther Creel, PDG, Elizabeth City/River City Lions Club

Public Relations & Lions Information

Liaison between District and local clubs to promote news articles/items (print, radio, and TV) on Lions Activities at the local, District, State, and International levels.

Ron Beltran, PDG, North Raleigh Lions Club

Research/Long Term Planning

Liason between District, local clubs, and the State Council Committee to develop new programs for the future of Lionism in North Carolina.

Gene English, PDG, Garner Lions Club

Sight and Hearing Conservation

Liaison between the District, local clubs and the North Carolina Lions.  Promotes restoration of sight, prevention of blindness and conservation of hearing.  Recycles hearing aids, glasses, printer cartridges, and cellphones.  Member of the NCLI Sight and Hearing Conservation Committee.

Angelo Sonnesso, Nags Head Lions Club
Nancy Bullard, Rocky Mount Luncheon LC

Tail Twisters

Promotes and fosters fun and fellowship at all functions of the district and assists local club Tail Twisters in this regard.

Joanne Parrott, Davie Lions Club
Robert Carroll, PDG, Warrenton Lions Club

VIP Fishing Tournament

Liaison to the VIP Fishing Tournament and the Clubs of District 31-S.  To promote the participation of clubs and Lions as volunteers for the VIP Fishing Tournament, and to encourage the Visually Impaired Persons within our district to attend the tournament.

Wayne Faber, PDG, Apex Lions Club


Member of the NCLI Volunteers Committee.  Promote the use of volunteers to reduce the operating expense of NC Lions, Inc.  Seek and prepare a list of potential volunteers to determine and coordinate work projects with the cooperation of the Properties and NC Lions, Inc. Office.  Present informational programs and encourage clubs to provide volunteers for District and state-wide projects.

Robert Carroll, PDG, Warrenton Lions Club