Welcome To District 31-S

2023-2024 District Governor Lorraine Dixon

I am excited to serve as District Governor this year, it is my privilege to work with our district leaders for the benefit that Lionism brings to our community serving the vision and hearing impaired. It is my hope that we can serve our vision impaired community by asking for more volunteers to “Join our Vision Team”. Through joint efforts, we can inspire each other in positive goal setting efforts to fund clinical eye research, devoting more time to seek information that could benefit our communities on ways to guide those that need us in the right direction.

Throughout this year of service, we should continue our strong sense of serving others, putting our district in the place to stay strong in our conviction of service, seek out ways to serve others, search for those that need us, fuel the efforts of fundraising to serve our district, serve those that have disasters and need us. We are a devoted community of Lions, our district is strong and energetic serving our local community, our district, and our state communities to any extent that we are capable of. I am asking all Lions in our district to help as we join together to become a resource for those in need, to seek the funds they need or the guidance for services that are available.

My goals are to find new innovative ways to help raise funds for our district to meet the needs of those that need our help funding glasses, hearing aids, etc. From my personal life, I know the importance of helping families in need of services that can put a hardship on their finances forcing them to delay needed purchases that will enhance their quality of life. I believe that together we can find ways to Save Sight, One Dollar at a Time. Following the goals set by Past District Governor Allen Swaim, I would like our district to continue donating dollars to save sight.

Throughout this current year of Governor Allen Swaim’s dedication to our district, I have observed many positive moments of dedication and service to others, Governor Allen has inspired me to continue many of his efforts. We all need to continue seeking dedicated Lions to join our group, membership is so vital to our community to stay viable as a service organization. WE NEED YOU, join us, we can find a role for you that will allow new members to join us in our conviction to stay strong, committed to serving others, and having fun as we seek new ways to serve.

We as lions, serve our community through a dedication and commitment to others that has stood the test of time that a pandemic did not take away, we have remained strong, my dedication to Lionism will continue to remain strong.

Thank you for allowing me to serve our district.

Lorraine Dixon District Governor 31 S

2024 Mid-Winter Convention

Flyer for 2023 Mid-Winter Convention

You are cordially invited to the District N&S Mid-Winter Convention January 19-20, 2024 in Greenville, NC. Our Guest Speaker is International Director Joanne Ogden. Our next Cabinet Meeting and Elections will be held during the convention on Saturday, January 20, 2024.

For those interested in running for the following officers District Governor, 1st Vice District Governor and 2nd Vice District Governor for the 2024-2025 please send your resume and club endorsement to the Nominations Chair.
Below are the Download Buttons for the Registration form and Convention Ad Form.

2023 North Carolina Lions State Convention

The 2023 North Carolina Lions State Convention is coming up April 27-30 in Greensboro at the Greensboro/High Point Airport Marriott.

If you would like to register to attend you can still get a discounted room rate until April 13th.

If you (or your club) would like to run an advertisement in the convention program here is a link to the Advertisement Form.

Image for 2023 NC Lions State Convention

2022 District N & S PDG Golf Tournament

Past District Governors’ Golf Tournament

Mark your calendars: Monday October 3 for the Annual District 31-N & S PDG Golf Tournament benefitting the Visually Impaired Persons Fishing Tournament. The event will be held at Lane Tree Country Club in Goldsboro. Shotgun start will be 11:00 a.m. the format is a modified super-ball tournament. Prizes will be awarded for first and second place, as well as closest to the pin on all par threes, and the longest drive on a designated hole.

We need players; $75.00 for individual, $300.00 for a team. We also need hole sponsors at $100.00 each.

For additional information contact PDG Jana Peedin at jduobox@aol.com or PDG Gene English at ggenglish@n.rr.com or any PDG in your District.

Welcome Message for 2022-2023

Allen Swaim
District Governor Allen Swaim

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn.” This is a quote credited to Helen Keller, among several others throughout history. It makes no difference who first said it; it only makes a difference if you believe it, I believe it, and we all as a group believe it.

This year has the wonderful opportunity to turn our district into a community service superpower. We each have a role to play, just like the protagonistic robot leader on the kids movie, “find a need, fill a need!” We are so very blessed to be here, in the Lions Clubs, at this particular period of time. We can, and will, make a huge movement for the good of our local, district, and state communities this year, and for many years to come.

It was just over two years ago when I became District Governor for the first time. Now, due to circumstances as they are, I am returning for the last time that I, and anyone else, will be able to become a DG more than once. It seemed that the world ended up like the boat we were on when it capsized during the storm; confusing, scary, and a lot of chaos. I changed my direction and goals at the last moment and started asking clubs to “just do something” to stay relevant. You responded, many of you responded like the true heroes you are. You delivered food and supplies to shut-ins that were too sacred or worried to leave their home; you ran fundraisers with multiple stages that raised money but kept safe separation between others, and you retained your Lions’ Spirit through it all.

Today, I thank PDG Randy Oxendine for his leadership over the last year as we have come out of the Covid Chaos, and I look forward with exuberance at the possibilities of the next year. I have set several goals that will challenge the best among you, but they are reachable and will make us into a powerhouse of a district. First, we have announced a contest for membership driven Lions. If any Lion sponsors three new members during my term as DG, I will invite you and your spouse to a dinner at the Angus Barn (if a small group), or (better yet) a night of celebration at our house (with a chef and bartender coming in to cook in front of everyone.) We need to get above 1250 member to be able to sponsor another International Director, and we have some great member in our district that deserve the chance to run that race.

Second, I have set the goal of one hundred twenty dollars for Brighter Visions for each member of our district. Brighter Visions has suffered under Covid and we need to replenish it. I have also asked each club to hold an individual fundraiser just to benefit Brighter Visions on top of your individual goal. Here in Wendell, we are holding a benefit concert just for Brighter Visions and we are setting our goal high because the money is sorely needed.

Third, I returned just recently from a tour of Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute with Gwen, Rhett, and several big wigs from the greater DC area district. There are things being worked on in their labs that are incredible and too much to write here. The director there says he needs money to develop the technology that will virtually eliminate blindness. I spoke to the VDGs of N and S, and we have come up with a goal to raise one million one dollar bills for clinical eye research. If we can cure blindness, let’s do it sooner rather than later. You will be asked to set out jars and buckets to collect changes and single dollars that we will pile up and keep current with a picture online. I read where a Lions Club raised one million pennies for library books a few years back. I believe we can raise one million dollars for clinical eye research if we set our hearts and minds to it.

Lastly, let’s have fun and be happy. People are drawn to a group if they are happy and having fun. Fun comes from activities that bring you joy. Happiness is a state of mind. Make your goals to benefit those in need in and around our community, and let others know the happiness you receive from doing them. Ask for help in your activities, it is really easy, and everyone loves helping the community if they know it is something that you are doing. Let’s get started on a fantastic year!


GOLFERS WANTED!!! The PDG’S of District 31 N&S invite you to play in our upcoming golf event to raise funds for the VIP Fishing Tournament. Monday Oct4th in Goldsboro. Come Join Us You Still have time to register. Any questions feel free to call PDG Wayne Faber 919-780-8819.

North Carolina Laws for the protection of people who are Blind, their use of White Canes, and Service Animals

As Lions, one of the most important things we can do is to be informed of the North Carolina Laws that protect people who are blind or have low vision, their use of white canes and their service animals.
While it is very important that we raise money to help people with their visions White Canes and Leader Dogs, it is also important that we know, and share, information on the rights and protection of people who are blind or have low vision.
North Carolina has many laws that give rights and protection to people who are blind or have low vision.  A list of these laws can be found at HERE.  These laws cover assaulting a service animal, Rights of people who are Blind, Right-of-Way for White Canes, & Guide Dogs, among other items.
The NC DHHS publishes a document on “Welcoming Your Customers who use Service Animals”.  This is a good summary of wha businesses should do and how they can recognize what animals qualify as a service animal and which do not.  This document can be found at HERE.
Submitted by Lion Bill Graham

A Few Memories from 70 Years of Fun, Frivolity and Lions’ Service

In preparation for the North Carolina Lions 2020 State Convention, PID Lacy Presnell made his book, “A Few Memories from 70 Years of Fun, Frivolity and Lions’ Service” available.  He has stated “I simply want every VIP and every Lion who wants one to have a copy of my book.”  Unfortunately, due to the CoVid 19 Pandemic, PID Lacy’s book got very little exposure.
Fortunately, PID Lacy’s Excellent book on being a Lion can be found on the District 31S website, HERE.
This is a must read book for Lions & VIPs.  If you have ever heard PID Lacy speak, you Will recognize his wit, wisdom, and good humor in this book. We recommend you read PID Lacy’s book, and share it with others.  The pdf on the website is screen reader friendly, so you can also share it with any people who are blind or have low vision.
Pictured are Esther & PID Lacy Presnell
Together we can do so much more!
Lion Bill Graham
31S District Leader Dog Chair

Together We Can – Together We Will

District Governor Randy Oxendine

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in District 31-S for selecting me to this prestigious position. It is an honor that I will always remember.

My vision is to unlock the possibility for achievement and give our Lions hope for the future. The first step in this process is to reflect on what we really want. The second step is to make a journal or plan that will FOCUS on the following questions: 1. Who am I? 2. What am I doing? 3. What do I want? The third step is for each Lion to find a quiet space, get a stack of magazines, and cut out pictures and words that speak to you. Relax and begin to dream. The fourth step is that I want all Lions to look through all of the pictures and words you chose. Please keep those that speak to question 3 in step 2, “What do I want”? Now commit those questions to paper. Step five, place your pictures, words and a photo of yourself on your paper. You now have your Vision Map. Put it in a place where you can look at it every day. Speak positive words of affirmation and articulate your vision to others. This Vision Mapping Process will help us as Lions Serve!

There are three things all Lions need: A Clear Mission, Leaders, and Commitment. I feel we can all motivate each other as we do our VIP’s. As we always say, “Together Everyone Achieves More”. Can you tell me what WIIFM stands for? It stands for “What’s in It for Me”? We say this a lot in sports! Can you tell me what WIBF stands for? This stands for “Will It Be Fun”? We say this a lot in life!

Sustainability is the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. Lions have the ability to clearly imagine, and see and feel what it would be to reach your goal.

With all of this said, Let’s Follow the Yellow Brick Road like Dorothy did in the “Wizard of Oz”, and have the ride of our life with memories we will never forget!

Most importantly, have a great year, work hard, have a great attitude, be careful, and HAVE FUN!